Velocity Vue, Inc. is a Texas-based corporation dedicated to the delivery of industrial safety and compliance mobile tools.  

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Our Contribution to Solving the Safety Challenge

Challenge: The Construction Industry has determined that there are tremendous benefits in pursuing digital solutions.  The primary concerns are to: greatly improve the safety culture to improve incident recognition, reduce accidents and eliminate fatalities; advance techniques in consistently collecting inspection data in real-time across all contractors within each project; and comply with regulatory requirements.  The benefits accelerate with solutions that go beyond compliance, such as managing a digital repository of inspection data that provides a true evidence of an improved safety culture.  This result also provides financial benefits by improving risk engineering experience mods and lowering their workers' compensation rates.


Velocity Vue, Inc. is a Texas-based Corporation dedicated to the delivery of safety and compliance mobile tools within the construction market.  Velocity Vue realizes that compliance does not equate to safety, but it is the basis to reducing injury and death on the jobsite. Producing tools that help contractors go beyond compliance to a safer work environment is our mission.  As a commercial and socially directed company, we are dedicated to the improvement of compliance and improved safety in construction.


Velocity Vue works with industry experts in safety compliance, best practices, safety culture, digital technology, and more to deliver the complete solution.  With our granular data environment, we are applying data science to improve the field of construction safety.  We plan to enter other industries with the same approach. 

Our Management Team

Steve Kuntz - CEO

Steve has 37 years in finance, sales and senior management experience with over $2B in software, hardware and services contracts for direct, indirect, commercial, government and international sales.  Steve has developed various neural network and pattern recognition solutions. He is currently serving on the board of ABC Central Texas. Steve has an MA in Economics from the University of Florida.

John Svirbely M.D. - VP Occupational Health & Safety

John earned a medical degree at the University of Maryland and did an Anatomic and Clinical Pathology residency at Ohio State University. He has fellowships in Medical Microbiology and Biomedical Computing.

Dana Moses Loftin, Director of Operations

Dana has more than 10 years experience in leadership and management roles in education, technology, and operations including over 20M in construction projects. Her varied background has provided her experience in software implementation, data analysis, facility safety and security, and operational efficiency. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Texas State University and her Master’s degree from Dominican University. She is currently pursuing a post-grad business certificate from Harvard University. 

Marlie Ezarik, Product and Support Manager

Marlie earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering from Louisiana State University in 2012. She has a diverse background in construction and engineering as well as a STEM educator. She has worked in the fields of Aerospace, Nuclear, and Oil and Gas. Marlie is an honorably discharged veteran from the United States Naval Construction Battalions. 

Leslie Arnold - Data Architect Consultant

Les Arnold has over 30 years’ experience as a Data Warehouse Consultant and Solution Architect and was a principal member and technical lead of the original team that created an Enterprise Data Warehouse and Advanced Analytic Solution for Tax Compliance and Fraud.  The solution has resulted in our client’s recovery of over $5 billion in previously unidentified Tax Compliance and Fraud dollars.  Les has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Science from the University of Houston with concentration in Computer Science.

Pat Walsh CSP - Construction Safety Compliance Consultant

Pat entered construction in 1978 from active duty Army aviation, and is currently a safety consultant for construction and general industry clients. He has been a Superintendent, Project Manager, Site Safety Manager, and Corporate Safety Director for over 39 years.

Matthew B Di Palma COSS - Construction Safety Compliance Consultant

Matt has extensive construction projects experience with detailed inspection and safety responsibilities in both commercial and military construction and environmental, health and safety. Matt is  honorably discharged veteran of the USMC.

Gary Massey – Government Affairs Consultant

Gary has 20+ years’ Consultive experience in legislative affairs, government sales-procurement, and legislative initiatives working with EDS, Raytheon, 3M Cogent, Motorola, SAP Business Objects and others.

Our Partners