Velocity Vue, Inc. is a Texas-based corporation dedicated to the delivery of industrial safety and compliance mobile tools.  

Velocity Vue, Incorporated | Austin, Texas   |  512.619.3946

Velocity Vue's Vision

Industry Integration

Utilizing industry tools Velocity Vue is integrating its platform with other industry specialists and IoT devices. Soon you will be able to have your safety management intertwined with your project and bid management systems, providing a holistic view or your entire project

Capture all safety inspection reports at time of submission, including contractor and subcontractor notes and images. The software offers inspection checklists and automatically completes the appropriate forms ensuring compliance and a safer worksite.

Complete Data


AI/ML Safety Management

With data captured and industry input Velocity Vue will be able to provide true AI/ML based analytics, in real-time.  This will further our goal of making the worksite safer and less injuries.