Velocity Vue, Inc. is a Texas-based corporation dedicated to the delivery of industrial safety and compliance mobile tools.  

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Credential Toolkit - Coming Soon!

The Velocity Vue Credential Toolkit starts with a mobile app that captures

worker credentials and stores them in a cloud-based library for easy access by the worker, management and personnel staff.

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Store all your credentials in one place for easy access and organization. No more paper forms to manage. Information can be easily sent to employers for quick verification.


Automated alerts let you know when your credentials are set to expire. The app provides links to a variety of training opportunities, allowing you to schedule a training and keep current.


User-friendly app with cloud-based encryption ensuring information is safe and secure. Allows you to input information with expiration dates, training locations and, certificate numbers. 

Increase Compliance
Streamline Hiring Process and Records Management
Reduce Paperwork

Intuitive dashboard reports show worker's credentials and their status. Alerts to expiring certificates ensure compliance and a safe worksite.

Verify worker credentials quickly and easily in one place. No more contacting multiple agencies to verify each credential.

All information is in the cloud, eliminating the need for paper copies and mulitple files. Worker spot checks are quick and easy through the mobile app.

Credential Toolkit Workflow

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